James Hunter

Monday, September 9, 2013

California Water Service Company (CalWater) now offers Home Emergency Insurance Solutions (HEIS)

Another water company is not only offering:
  • Exterior Water Line Protection Insurance ($4.95/month)
They also offer all of the other HEIS insurance options. If you signed up for all services it would cost you roughly $74.00 per month, WOW!

"California Water Service Company (Cal Water) is the largest subsidiary of the California Water Service Group. Cal Water is the largest investor-owned American water utility west of the Mississippi River and the third largest in the country. Formed in 1926, the San Jose-based company serves more than 472,000 customers through 28 Customer and Operations Centers throughout the state."

Considering the Exterior Water Line Protection Insurance ($4.95/month) times 472,000 would provide $2,336,400 per month in revenue to HEIS. If CalWater gets what appears to be the standard fee of 10%, $233,640/month or $2,803,680 per year.

The revenue actually goes to "CWS Utility Services (CWSUS), an affiliate of California Water Service Company (Cal Water) and a subsidiary of California Water Service Group". Since CWSUS "CWS Utility Services (CWSUS), a subsidiary of the California Water Service Group, provides non-regulated contract utility services throughout California". This implies their financials are rolled up into CalWater so we will have no visibility, about the actual revenue and what it's used for.

So CalWater joins San Jose Water Company "recommending-sort of" HEIS (Home Emergency Insurance Solutions)..................and doesn't disclose the details of the relationship with HEIS!

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