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How much are Officers & Directors Paid?

The only available public information is the SEC Edger system. The last filing by SJW Corporation, of which San Jose Water Company is a wholly owned subsidiary, was a a 14A, for 2011. Information collected by CPUC is in many instances determined as CONFIDENTIAL and is not available to the public. 

It's interesting to graph Mr. Roth's annual compensation and it shows he has a cumulative compensation increase during the current recession of 60% over a three year period. During the same period most people in the valley had minimal compensation increases, typically 3% or less each year.

(excerpt page 39)
Mr. Roth's Expenses in 2011
Several points should be explained. Mr. Roth is the CEO & President of all the subsidiaries and the public corporation SJW Corp. His compensation appears to be paid by SJW Corp., but keep in mind over 92% of SJW Corp. revenue is received from the San Jose Water Company.  He does participate apparently in the many of the same compensation programs, as the other officers. Some of whom are shown as employed by San Jose Water Company.
There is not a requirement for SJW Corp. or for San Jose Water Company, to disclose the Mr. Roth's actual personal expenses for business travel and lodging.  So the $31,903 only reflect the limited disclosure required by the SEC. 

Those who wish to see the salaries of other officers and the directors compensation will find the information at; 

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