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Friday, November 3, 2017

SJWC Stock Price increases, Customer Service really drops, into the abyss!

This blogger has some strong opinions on Customer Service, as I started at Honeywell Computers, in the late 1960's, as a Field Engineer. Looking at a somewhat customer driven source, Yelp, and the detailed ratings, Yelp has on their website. It's obvious that customers opinion of San Jose Water Company has plummeted slightly above 2+ stars in 2013 to an abysmal rating of 1+ stars. Please keep in mind that unhappy customers can't submit a review with no stars, so effectively SJWC has "successfully" almost gotten a zero star rating and customers comments indicate  they feel they should be able to enter a zero star review.

SJWC has lower ratings than Comcast, in San Jose, I never thought customer service could be worse than Comcast.

It seems to come to a simple question if your city has two restaurants and "A" gets a Yelp rating of 4 stars and "B" gets  a Yelp rating of 1 star where do you go to eat dinner? Eventually "B" goes out of business, but that's not the end of the story since "A" is the only restaurant in town they begin to increase prices, until their revenue starts to decrease and they petition the city council to guarantee their revenues, so they can continue to serve expensive meals. The city decides to make them financially whole providing a reverse tax on each meal they serve. No, the story goes on, as the tax payers realize they are paying much more for the meal they eat at restaurant "A", as a group in the city is subsidizing by paying taxes which have increased much faster than would be reasonable and faster than other cities. In the final analysis capitalism and the inherent opportunity for competition would seem to restrain company greed and avarice.

I can only surmise that franchised monopolies, like San Jose Water Company (water) has no competition and Comcast (TV, Internet, services) has emerging competition, will have extremely poor to abysmal customer service when customers have few or no alternatives, to their product or services.  I did note that there was a small uptick in the Comcast Yelp rating, streaming and cable cutters may have them worried?

Keep in mind customer service is not generally consider a profit center and rather, is a cost of doing business. In the corporate drive for profits and stock valuation, customer service will be tolerated at best. The customer service representatives are the face of a company that a vast majority ever see.

Have you ever thought that tying part of the customer service management bonuses, to customer satisfaction, based on third party unbiased data! One can't but dream a little! 

Visit:  https://www.yelp.com/biz/san-jose-water-company-san-jose to view source of data.
SJWC, Yelp Customer Rating 2013 to 2017

Posted for Rita Benton, WRATES, Water Rate Advocates for Transparency, Equity and Sustainability
WRATES is making a difference!

CPUC PUBLIC HEARING - Plan to attend.
If you haven’t attended a meeting regarding SJWC yet, this is the one to attend!!! The customers of SJWC will actually see a reduction in our water rates come January if the CPUC decides to lower SJWC’s Investment Returns. We need to fill the room at SJ City Hall and let the CPUC know that we have had enough of SJWC’s outrageous rate increases. We have gained traction and the CPUC is listening. Let's not miss this opportunity. Find someone to carpool with. Make an evening of it. Plan to attend.

When: Monday, November 6, 2017 at 7:30 pm
Where: San Jose City Hall, Council Chambers, 200 E. Santa Clara Street, San Jose
What: CPUC Public Hearing will address issues related to SJWC
Attire: Wear a BLUE shirt in solidarity

Validated parking can be found at: 
City Hall underground parking garage. Entrance is on 6th street.
4th street garage at 4th and San Fernando (near Flames)

The public will have 1 to 2 minutes to speak, depending on the size of the crowd. WRATES members are writing one minute talking points to present to the CPUC at the hearing. We will be looking for individuals at the hearing to read the talking points. You can also write your own talking point if you wish.  Plan to attend even if you don’t wish to speak. Attendance is important for the CPUC to recognize the magnitude of the rate issues/increases facing ratepayers. 

Please post on your Nextdoor, Yelp, Facebook etc. and get the word out. Attendance is vital.
Join WRATES and sign the petition, WRATES  and petition.

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