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Friday, March 20, 2015

What did SJWC leave out of their NEW RATE INCREASE 2016? (GRC A15-01-002)

The latest posting of the San Jose Water Company Rate Increase (GRC A15-01-002) seems to be missing a lot of information. Refer to APPLICATION OF SAN JOSE WATER COMPANY FOR AUTHORITY TO INCREASE RATES FOR WATER SERVICE. This appears to me to be an effort on the part of the Applicant to make controversial information difficult for consumers, to get.

Page 3,
(5) The following additional Exhibits are marked as shown, are served with this application, and will be provided to interested parties upon request, but will not be filed:
Exhibit E Report on the Results of Operations
Exhibit F General Rate Case Workpapers
Exhibit G Capital Budget Project Justifications
Exhibit H Urban Water Management Plan
Exhibit I Supplemental Data Request Responses
Exhibit J Minimum Data Requirements 
What the heck does San Jose Water Company mean by "served", but not filed?  Does ORA, ALJ and commisioner get a copy? Or is the intent to limit the access to prevent "excessive" ratepayer objections?

Page 13,
(31) Applicant requests that the Commission authorize Applicant to establish a Water Revenue Adjustment Mechanism (WRAM) and a Modified Cost Balancing Account (MCBA) as described in Exhibit E, Chapter 19. 
During the last General Rate Case, SJWC request for "effectively a guarantee of profitability" was denied. Since SJWC has not published, on their web site and the published application on the CPUC does not include the missing exhibits, it makes it difficult for ratepayers to make an informed decision.

(13) Pursuant to Rule 3.2(a)(10), Applicant states that the rate increases proposed in this application do not reflect and pass through to customers only increased costs to Applicant for the services or commodities furnished by it.

We're in the fourth year of a drought and it's very likely the cost of imported water purchased from the Santa Clara Valley District will significantly increase! Reference the Program to withdraw water from the Semitropic Water Bank, in Kern County north of Bakersfield. This requires raising the water from the subsurface aquiver at the Semitropic Water Bank, which there is a charge for per acre foot. Then 4 pump stations and a siphon at the Dos Amigos Pumping Station, this temporary bypass and reversing the flow is estimated $6 million or more not including operation, raising the water 118 feet., just to get the banked water from Semitropic Bank access to the aqueduct,  to the O'neill/Forebay at San Luis reservoir. Then it has to be raised to the reservoir and again at the Pacheco Pumping Station, before it gets to the pipeline to SCVWD in south Santa Clara County.  The cost per acre foot will likely increase by a factor of 3 or 4 times, does this mean SJWC gets "windfall profits", as a result of the drought, making a profit on the higher cost of water?

Page 9,

projects are detailed in Exhibit E, Chapter 8, and in Exhibit F, Chapter 8, WP 8-19. These contracts are a lease operation of the City of Cupertino water system, miscellaneous services contract with the City of San Jose, meter testing services, coordination with Home Emergency Solutions to provide customers information regarding optional water service line insurance coverage, as well as leases for antenna space to telecommunication companies on various water facilities. Any revenue generated by non-tariffed offerings is allocated between ratepayers and shareholders in accordance with the methodology adopted  

Will we finally find out what SJWC gets from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions, only if they provide copies of the missing Exhibits! What else they don't want ratepayers to know about?

They do provide a method to get a copy, by making an effort, at this time I'm not sure how much effort, but I will find out:

 I strongly urge you email the CPUC Public Advisor about this apparent effort to avoid public disclosure of controversial information, by the Applicant San Jose Water Company

Include Application GRC A15-01-002 IN ALL CORRESPONDENCE


Telephone: 866-849-8390 or 415-703-2074
Email: public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov
Postal Service: CPUC Public Advisor, 505 Van Ness Avenue, Room 2103, San Francisco, CA 94102
TTY 866-836-7825

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