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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Water Based Business and Product Plan for Today (TiC)

Taste the Drink of the Silicon Valley Innovators!

You can buy an increasingly rare product of Silicon Valley, real Silicon Valley Water. Great gift for visitors!

  • A unique blend of imported Sierra water from the snowpack (most years) and local water
  • Local surface water from the annual winter rains (hopefully)
  • A combination of local surface and ground water, filtered through real Silicon Dioxide, for the earthy taste of Silicon Valley
  • Silicon Valley Groundwater is pumped from deep underground, in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Scientifically tested and chlorinated to insure that computer bugs and viruses are removed
  • True Silicon Valley Faucet taste
Silicon Valley Water Company (SVWC) Logo

Shows the dry golden hills around Silicon Valley and the lack of snow capped peaks in the Sierras, turning to a highly combustible  golden brown under the sun. 

Silicon Valley Water

Vintage 2015 is a limited bottling. We pay "premiums" (Drought Surcharges) for real  faucet taste, we use real Silicon Valley Water. The same water the high tech folks used to use to water their green lawns with and wash their expensive cars. 

Cost of Silicon Valley Water

Think of it as an investment, something getting more expensive every day. This rare vintage may only be available for a short time. We use one hundred cubic feet of real Silicon Valley water, current cost $10.69 cents, for every 2000 liter bottles, price of bottle varies, more for biodegradable, less for recyclable.

Product subject to availability, based California drought. Prices subject to change based on increases in water price.  No additives, just the stuff from the tap.  Copyright 2015, James Hunter All rights reserved.

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  1. Just for the non-computer - internet folks TIC or TIC means Tongue in Cheek. Like a joke! LOL I think..............