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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Homeserve USA water pipe insurance, Over 270 visits (25 May to June 25, 2015)

There must be a major mail sales campaign underway? I also noted that San Jose Water Company had redacted (blacked out for confidentiality reasons), what may be a reference to Homeserve USA insurance, by ORA. Like as if they have competition in the San Jose area.

I get nervous when I see redacted material across multiple documents, does this concern Homeserve USA?

Since there was a "spike" in activity on the blog concerning Homeserve USA (aka Home Emergency Insurance Solutions), about nine people a day have been visiting the Blog.

Let's update their BBB listing and see if there has been an improvement, the graphics are from the BBB website for HomeServe USA, Customer Reviews and Customer complaints. Please take a moment and visit the BBB pages for Homeserve and form your own opinion:

It appears BBB shows 71% of the Homeserve customers were "dissatisfied".

The two graphics from BBB show 81.3% of customers had a negative experience and 81.3% were unlikely to recommend. Keep in mind that Homeserve USA has an A+ BBB rating, oh of course BBB doesn't test the product or service, they do insure that the company meets certain standards.

You may file a complaint with BBB, in the event you have a problem with Homeserve USA, click here.

Some press coverage in the past year or so, links to west coast sources are available on prior blog postings:

A year ago the following was said in Cincinnati. 
Charleston City Paper
Huntsville, Alabama
Louisville, Kentucky

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