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Monday, September 14, 2015

Homeserve USA may be getting gas!

Homeserve USA (aka Homeserv, HomeEmergency Solutions, HEIS, etc.) seems to have gotten into the gas insurance line business. I noticed that Homeserve USA had posted a wealth of pages that are indexed by Google, this tends to push pages or posts by other parties to page 2 and 3. Only about 5-8% of folks doing a search look past page 1 of the search results.

I found several articles in the LA Times addressing, " Homeserve gas issue".
"This financial relationship should be disclosed to consumers. In fact, any sweetheart deal between a utility and a third party should be made clear to consumers, and the California Public Utilities Commission should make sure such marketing affiliations are completely transparent. 
Better still, utilities should be barred from peddling third-party services to customers. If they see value in repair insurance, they should simply educate customers about the possible risks to homes and provide the names of all available insurers."
"Asking The Newport Water Division division of the City of Newport's Department of Utilities ; “How many water service line repairs did you complete in 2012? In the last 5 years? In the last 10 years?"

I believe this insurance company is preying on the elderly in Newport and Aquidneck Island
Yes, Newport's water service is OLD! (Started in 1876)...but the water service lines that connect your home to the water main are not in need of any emergency repairs!"
"The statement to shareholders by British-based Home Emergency Insurance Solutions (HEIS) about its sweetheart deals with utilities sounded like a personal invitation addressed to David Lazarus at the Los Angeles Times: “In the U.S.A., we have been proactively working with local attorneys general and media commentators . . . to minimize the risk of any negative media commentary.”
Lazarus mentioned that as background in his piece about Southern California Gas Company’s business arrangement with HomeServe USA, the official name of the Connecticut-based subsidiary that markets its insurance policies through direct mail."

The profits must be significant to fund the continuing mass mail campaign, royalty payments to utilities and pay for the repairs to gas and water pipes.................................

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