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Saturday, September 19, 2015

SJWC transcript 8/19/15 Status Conference (WRAM, Bonuses, Conservation, Freedom of Information)

The following is the CPUC transcript for the GRC A1501002 8/19/2015:

August 31, 2015TRANSCRIPTREPORTING SECTION8/19/15 Status Conference; Vol. 5; Pages 448-464.

Click for access to the PDF file of the transcript
The transcript indicates open issues regarding the time periods between the Governor's Drought Executive Order, issues concerning the actual water sales by SJWC during the periods and the likely "bounce back" increase in water use after the expiration of the drought controls and surcharges (penalties). The objective is to prevent a large surcharge from accumulating and be billed to ratepayers after the drought controls are rescinded or expire, a good objective.

We still have significant pending contested issues, as documented in my posting to this blog, before a settlement (a proposal) can be submitted to the CPUC Commission for a decision.

You should note that the transcript indicates that SJWC customers reduced water consumption by over 35%, 5% over the 30% reduction imposed by an agreement of SCVWD (Santa Clara Water District), SJWC and the City of San Jose, in response to the State Water Board required 20%.

I would argue that the current revenue protection that is in place for SJWC is adequate, while SJWC will argue that a full decoupling of sales and revenue is required to protect them and allow them to continue to pursue conservation measures. Hmm, we the customers exceeded expectations beyond both the State and the SCVWD requirements.  I don't recall any new efforts by SJWC to promote water conservation.

I'm sure the SJWC managers and officers deserve annual bonuses based on motivating SJWC customers to exceed conservation expectations, LOL. Hmm it could at best be argued that their contribution was a "speedy" implementation of DS1 and DS2 drought surcharges, in time to be included in the first water bill after the the Governor's Executive Order was effective. I seem to remember SJWC saying it would take weeks if not months to make changes to their billing software.........some changes are apparently easier to make than others  (;->) (an emoticon). You should also note that SJWC was prepared in 1992 tocalculate water savings based on each customer's prior usage.

An issue of Public Information, the transcript cost me $34.00 to get a copy. Interestingly it existed as both an Adobe PDF and an MS-Word file and was sent to me within a day of my request, I also received a hardcopy of the transcript. Yet it can't be downloaded from the CPUC GRC A1501002 docket/documents available online on the CPUC website? I know for a fact that Adobe PDF files can be password locked to prevent modification. So I have to assume that CPUC wants to limit access to information that should be easily provide at no charge. If you send email to the CPUC Public Advisor they will forward your request to the CPUC ALJ Division – Reporting Section who are helpful. I wonder if the legislation in process in Sacramento have any effect on making the transcripts downloadable and free?

FYI, the transcript download is hosted on my free account at Google, really time consuming and expensive, to make the transcript available, "right". The file can be downloaded, but the copy hosted on Google cannot be modified by the public.

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