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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Homeserve USA 75% of customer ratings are NEGATIVE!

I typically see an increase in visitors to this blog when HomeServe USA promotes their insurance products and services.

Always keep in mind that the BBB A+ rating does not imply or guarantee the value or quality of HomeServe USA products or services. The A+ rating simply guarantees that HomeServe USA follows the BBB guidelines, pays the annual fees for the BBB accreditation service and that does not guarantee HomeServe USA customers satisfaction, with HomeServe or what they have purchased from them.
Notice the customer review ratings immediately below the A+ BBB rating, below the logo "BBB Accredited Business.  we can see are roughly 75% were negative reviews, 10% were neutral and 15% were positive.

This bloggers opinion is that a significant improvement has not been made by HomeServe and the San Jose Water Company continues to support and recommend we purchase this "insurance". I urge prospective purchasers to carefully read the reviews from the shown in the customers own words and submitted to BBB, before you buy.

This is the ninth posting I've done and I hope it encourages buyers, in particular ratepayers of SJWC, to read a bit, do a search on the internet and form their own opinion and make an informed decision.

So far I don't see any significant changes from, what I've documented, in my previous postings:

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